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There’s never been a more critical time for educators to understand and apply antiracist principles. And it’s best done in community! The CARE Conversations web series experience will help you and your professional learning community to plan how to move forward on the journey.

In four half-hour conversations, diverse groups of scholars and practitioners unpack the CARE Principles and explore what it means to be an antiracist educator. Our companion toolkit will get the conversation started and keep it going!

I thought there was very valuable dialogue about some of the challenges but then also some of the excuses we might use not to have the hard conversations. I loved the emphasis at the end about trying to just determine what is the next thing you can do. Made it feel so much more manageable to present to staff and to even guide our whole building equity team. If we all commit to one next step and then regroup and determine the next step imagine the progress!”

– Participant in Spring Web Series

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CARE Web series toolkit
Conversation Toolkit

Everything you need to talk about the ideas in the videos and plan what you’ll do next.


Intended audience: All educators.

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Episode 1 Standing on Solid Ground: An Introduction to CARE’s Antiracist Principles

What does it mean to be an antiracist educator? Join guests Scott Bayer, Dr. LaGarrett King, Jessyca Mathews, and Juliana Urtubey as we discuss CARE’s Antiracist Principles, a practical framework for aspiring antiracist educators.


Episode 2 Is This Antiracist? And Other Common Questions

“Isn’t antiracism education political?” “I don’t work at a diverse school, is antiracism education necessary?” CARE’s Principal Academic Officer Val Brown invites you to join her in conversation with Erica Buchanan-Rivera, Tricia Ebarvia, Dr. Susan Faircloth, and Xochitl Garcia as they answer some of the most commonly asked questions about antiracism education.


Episode 3 Gathering Your People: Working with Antiracist (and Not-So Antiracist) Educators

CARE’s vision of an antiracist future includes an antiracist teacher in every classroom. Join a discussion about how to lead educators who are at various levels of readiness to engage in antiracist practices. Dr. Sarah-SoonLing Blackburn, James Ford, Christie Nold, and Daniella Suárez-Boyd join Val Brown and talk about how to avoid getting stuck or leaving people behind.


Episode 4 More than a Moment: Sustaining Antiracist Practices

Everyone has attended the district-wide diversity PD. Now what? Join Dr. Heidi Oliver-O’gilvie, Josh Parker, Dr. Rosa Perez-Isiah, Dr. Mica Pollock and Val Brown in an important conversation about how to move from compliance to change.


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