CARE Rubric

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The CARE Rubric

The rubric is a simple way to thoughtfully evaluate – or reevaluate – your teaching resources.  The rubric invites you to look closely at how well a resource adheres to each CARE principle.   

The CARE rubric

CARE uses the rubric to determine whether to recommend a teaching resource.  You can see those recommended resources on our library page and, when you join CARE Choice, you can download the composite rubric to see exactly how three experienced educators independently scored each one.  

The rubric closely aligns with the online review tool you can access when you join CARE Choice. But you can also download it to assess whether the curriculum choices you make are meeting your students needs and helping move us all to a better future.  

The rubric was developed and tested by CARE staff, expert consultants, and a working group of classroom teachers.  

Using the Rubric

Step 1: Choose a Teaching Resource to analyze.  Do not choose a primary source.  

Step 2: Review the CARE Principles.

Step 3: Score each element by assessing its adherence to the relevant CARE principle using this scale:

  • Empowering Adherence (+2): The resource demonstrates the principle fully and in a manner that is empowering for the learner.
  • Partial Adherence (+1): The resource demonstrates some but not all of the characteristics of the principle.
  • Not Applicable (0): Because of the resource topic or purpose, the principle is not addressed and is not relevant.
  • No Evidence of Adherence (-1): The resource fails to demonstrate a principle through omission even though it is relevant to the topic or purpose.
  • Harmful Mis-adherence (-2): The resource contradicts or conflicts with the principle in a way that has harmful implications for student learning and development.

Step 3: Add your scores and decide whether and how to use the resource. You may choose to use a resource that scores low in one area by supplementing it, or addressing the shortcoming with students.

Step 4: Write up your reasoning.

Download and print a blank copy of the CARE Rubric