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Is your teaching resource antiracist?

What messages do teaching resources send to students? Antiracist educators learn to ask that question with every instructional choice they make. Our review tool walks you through a simple set of questions aligned to the CARE Antiracist Principles. Use it to sharpen your antiracist lens by analyzing material you’re already using in your classroom.

What can you review?

Anything you use with students — including books, websites, videos, infographics, individual lessons and even station activities. In fact, we think looking at smaller teaching resources — the kind used in a single lesson — is the best way to get started.

Completing your first review is easy and takes about 10 minutes.

As you review more resources, you’ll get a better sense of the strengths and gaps in your materials. Equally important, you’ll be contributing to a trove of teacher-created ratings to help others find exemplary antiracist materials.

School leaders can use the tool to assess strengths and gaps across multiple classrooms. Interested in bringing the tool to your district or school? Contact us

[T]he tool helps us pause, think about the text, consider important questions about what the text represents, WHO it represents, why its argument/viewpoint is set this way, and “leads” one to think about how to use critical lenses to use this text in more meaningful ways with students.”

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By using the review tool, you’re not just helping yourself — you’re helping your students. You’re also helping CARE build a knowledge base that’s informed by the experts: educators like you.