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Educator Tools

Discover new ways to analyze your curriculum, engage in effective dialogue, and find community. Use our teacher resources alone or with PLCs to build your antiracist expertise.

Make Better Choices

The curriculum choices you make can go a long way toward advancing antiracism. The CARE Choice Tool and CARE Library are great places to begin your journey.

CARE Choice Tool

CARE Library

CARE Review Tool is an easy to use teacher resources
CARE Library is a teacher resource helping educators identify new materials

What is it and how does it work?

A tool to help educators pause, think about and assess their teaching resources.

A growing teacher-built bank of lessons, videos, websites, books, and more.

For Educators

  • Review videos, podcast, websites, and more
  • Recommendations for you
  • Sharpen your antiracist lens
  • Build confidence in your analytical skills
  • Discover new resources
  • Download the CARE Rubric
  • Build and share collections
  • Fill gaps in your curriculum

Guides to Share

History tools help ensure your social studies curriculum is accurate, inclusive, and features diverse experiences. Conversation guides provide questions and prompts for educators to advance together on their antiracist journey. All downloadable.

Get Social with CARE

CARE Choice is seen in the expertise in our CARE Blogs


Read about the myriad of ways to embed the CARE Principles into educator practice. Short takes, and always engaging.

Care Choice means free webinars


Learn with far-flung peers and from experts as they explore what it means to be an antiracist educator.