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Educator Tools

These free webinars and tools help you understand and apply antiracist principles to curriculum and instruction. Use them alone or with PLCs to build your antiracist expertise.

Antiracism Introduction: Web Series

Standing on Solid Ground: Introduction to CARE’s Antiracist Principles

What does it mean to be an antiracist educator? An engaging discussion about CARE’s Antiracist Principles, practical framework aspiring antiracist educators.

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Web Series Episode 2

Is This Antiracist? and Other Common Questions

Join a conversation with Val Brown, CARE Academic Director and guests as they answers some of the most commonly asked question about antiracist education.

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Web Series Episode 3

Gathering Your People: Working with Antiracist (and not-so antiracist) Educators

CARE’s vision of an antiracist future includes an antiracist teach in every classroom. Join a discussion about how to lead educators who are at various levels of readiness to engage in antiracist practices.

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Web Series Episode 4

More than a Moment: Sustaining Antiracist Practices

Everyone has attended the district-wide diversity PD. Now what? View an important conversation about how to move from compliance to change.

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Webinars On-Demand

CARE staff, experts and educators explore topics central to the CARE Principles. These webinars provides practical tips and food for thought.

Guides and tools to Share

History tools help you ensure accurate and inclusive history that features diverse experiences and perspectives. Conversation guides provide questions and prompts for educators to advance together on their antiracist journey.

All downloadable.



Take a magnifying glass to five areas where your textbook is most likely to tell an incomplete story.

Look at three short sample learning resources — can you see what’s missing?

Get together with colleagues to align on what antiracist education means in your school.

Use these questions to find ways to apply antiracism in your classroom and practice.

Reading guide for learning community.

A self guided activity to help learners as they navigate the CARE Framework.

Having collaboratively created agreements applied fairly allows participants to engage fully in discussions.

Antiracist educators understand that engaging in and teaching dialogue requires preparation.