Professional Development

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Professional Development


Educators want to address racism in school but don’t always know how. CARE professional learning shows the way.

Right now, we’re piloting our professional learning with a small number of educators and districts. We also have free resources for any educator navigating their antiracist journey. At the center of CARE’S professional learning are a clear set of antiracist skills, behaviors, and practices that can be found in our Framework.

CARE Fall Pilot Overview

Learn 2 CARE Pilot Program

CARE’s professional learning program, Learn to CARE, help schools create inclusive and just classrooms where curriculum and instruction are guided by antiracist principles. We are now seeking participants to join us for our Fall pilot to help test and refine the Learn 2 CARE Program.

Learn 2 CARE provides two complementary paths so both teachers and administrators are working towards the common goals of creating and sustaining antiracist learning environments.

Learn 2 CARE FoundationsPath 1 | Learn 2 CARE
6 hours
A blended professional learning course that builds shared educators knowledge, understanding and critical consciousness in antiracist education.
Learn 2 CARE LeadershipPath 2 | Learn 2 CARE
8 hours
A blended professional learning course that supports antiracist leadership to coach, provide feedback, and practice crucial speak-up skills.
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Webinars on-demand

Dive deep with CARE Webinars to expand your understanding of antiracism. Our free webinars provide opportunities to learn from CARE staff, experts, and educators as they explore topics central to the CARE Principles. CARE Webinars and the CARE Web Series are available on-demand.