Summer Pilot

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Thank you for your interest in Learn 2 CARE. Enrollment for the Summer Pilot is closed. We are accepting applications for our Fall Pilot.

About the Summer Pilot

CARE has developed a professional learning program to help schools create inclusive and just classrooms where curriculum and instruction are guided by antiracist principles. We are now seeking participants for our Summer Pilot to help test and refine the Learn 2 CARE Program.

The Summer Pilot is for schools, districts* and CMOs, teacher-leaders, and administrators. The pilot launches on July 11 and runs through August 26, with blended courses that are expected t o take between six and eight hours over that period.

*There is a limited amount of spaces available per district. If you want to register a large group from your district we recommend applying for the Fall Pilot.

About the Learn 2 CARE Program

Learn 2 CARE provides two complementary paths that enable both teachers administrators to work towards the common goals of creating and sustaining antiracist learning environments.

Who is this for?

Participant Guidelines
To be considered for the pilot, participants should:

We are seeking:

12 LEAs that reflect a diverse mix of urban, suburban, and rural districts and CMOs

From each LEA: 20-30 teachers and 6-10 leaders (teacher leaders, instructional coaches, administrators)

  • Complete application by June 30, 2022. This is a rolling applications process and applications may be closed when all seats are filled.
  • If accepted, commit to participate in all required sessions and courses and provide feedback during a closing session and subsequent survey.
Learn 2 CARE FoundationsPath 1 | Learn 2 CARE
6 hours
A blended professional learning course that builds shared educators knowledge, understanding and critical consciousness in antiracist education.
Learn 2 CARE LeadershipPath 2 | Learn 2 CARE
8 hours
A blended professional learning course that supports antiracist leadership to coach, provide feedback, and practice crucial speak-up skills.





PK-12 teachers

Teachers, instructional coaches administrators


  • Shared understanding of antiracist education
  • Tools and practice to analyze, select, and curate.
  • Practical ways to ensure curriculum and instruction.
  • A personal professional growth plan.
  • Shared understanding of antiracist education.
  • Lean how to analyze, select, and curate curriculum content.
  • Practical ways to lead curriculum and instruction that supports antiracist principles.
  • Practice leadership skills of relationship-building, speaking up, and taking action
  • Learn 2 CARE Leadership is supported by Mursion. Learn more here.

Important Dates

A 1-hour meeting, during each of these weeks:

  • Week of July 11 -14: Kick-off Session
  • Week of August 8 – 11: Closing Session

Self-Paced Courses via Google Classroom

  • July 11 – August 11

A 1-hour meeting, during each of these weeks:

  • Week of July 11 – 14: Kick-off Session
  • Week of July 25 – 28: Session 2
  • Week of August 8 – 11: Session 3
  • Week of August 22 – 25: Closing Session

Self-Paced Course via Google Classroom

  • July 11 – August 25

“The [virtual simulation] experience provided an opportunity for self-reflection and understanding in a most authentic way. It allowed for the real challenge I need to grow both professionally and personally while providing space for meaningful dialogue with colleagues that enhanced my learning. The CARE experience is nothing short of amazing and I consider it one of the most powerful learning experienced in my educational career.”

– Instructional coach, Wisconsin