CARE Exemplars

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What are CARE Exemplars?

CARE Exemplars were developed by a team of expert classroom teachers who analyzed a range of student resources using the CARE Rubric. These models can help educators apply the CARE Principles to curriculum and help ensure that the content you offer students supports your antiracist practice.

The CARE Rubric

CARE Rubric

The CARE Choice Rubric, developed and tested by CARE staff, expert consultants, and a working group of classroom teachers, uses 15 questions to guide your analysis of the ways in which a teaching resource adheres to or undermines each of CARE’s Principles.

How were the exemplars developed?

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CARE gathered a group of reviewers, mainly classroom teachers, but also administrators, instructional coaches, and librarians. They received training and workshops before using the CARE Rubric to analyze learning resources chosen by CARE staff. These exemplars — each combining the results from three separate reviewers working independently — were then edited and published by CARE.

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