Learn 2 CARE Pilot

Close-up of aboriginal students and their tutor sitting outdoors in Australia. One of the female students is looking at the camera and smiling.

Learn 2 CARE Pilot

Learn 2 CARE is a professional learning program to help schools create inclusive and just classrooms where curriculum and instruction are guided by antiracist principles. We are seeking participants for a Fall pilot to help test and refine the Learn 2 CARE Program.

Fall: The pilot is for a select group of districts, independent or charter schools with educators and administrators committed to growing their knowledge, understanding, and skills around antiracist curriculum and instruction. Learn More

About the Learn 2 CARE Program

The Learn 2 CARE Program provides two complementary paths that enable both teachers administrators to work toward the common goals of creating and sustaining antiracist learning environments.

Learn 2 CARE FoundationsPath 1 | Learn 2 CARE
6 hours
A blended professional learning course that builds shared educators knowledge, understanding and critical consciousness in antiracist education.
Learn 2 CARE LeadershipPath 2 | Learn 2 CARE
8 hours
A blended professional learning course that supports antiracist leadership to coach, provide feedback, and practice crucial speak-up skills.

“Imagine the depth of connection we could truly have with all the people in our lives if we just did a little to acknowledge and honor the differences in our stories, recognizing each other as beautiful stiches in the intricate tapestry of humanity. The first step towards that goal can begin in this coursework. Simple, yet so impactful for anyone who is willing to just start.”

-High School social studies teacher, Florida





PK-12 teachers

Teachers, instructional coaches administrators


  • Shared understanding of antiracist education
  • Tools and practice to analyze, select, and curate.
  • Practical ways to ensure curriculum and instruction.
  • A personal professional growth plan.
  • Shared understanding of antiracist education.
  • Lean how to analyze, select, and curate curriculum content.
  • Practical ways to lead curriculum and instruction that supports antiracist principles.
  • Practice leadership skills of relationship-building, speaking up, and taking action