What and Why?

Close-up of aboriginal students and their tutor sitting outdoors in Australia. One of the female students is looking at the camera and smiling.

While most educators want to address race and racism in schools and classrooms, they lack the necessary tools and skills.
Our mission is to advance antiracist curriculum and equip antiracist educators.

CARE Principles

Affirm Humanity

Embrace Historical Truths

Critical Conciousness

Race and Racism

Just Systems

CARE Research Brief 1

The Research Briefs

The CARE Research Briefs, one for each of the CARE Principles, draw from interdisciplinary work to describe the empirical and theoretical supports that underlay each principle. As much as possible, they are written for a lay audience.

The Terms We Use

The terms we use matter. The CARE Glossary is a supplemental resource to help define some of the terms used throughout our CARE resources.