Apply Antiracism in Your School

You’ve read the books and want to make a difference for your students.  Our tools offer practical ways for you to look critically at curriculum, talk with colleagues, and support your students.

Tool NameDescription
Is Your U.S. History Text Racist?Take a magnifying glass to five areas where your textbook is most likely to tell an incomplete story.
Talk About Antiracist EducationGet together with colleagues to align on what antiracist education means in your school.
CARE PrinciplesDownload a copy of our Principles to keep top of mind as you plan learning for your students.
Make Meaning of the Antiracist PrinciplesUse these questions to find ways to apply antiracism in your classroom and practice.
What’s Missing: Age of ExplorationLook at three short sample learning resources – can you see what’s missing?
What’s Missing: Discussion Guide for Age of ExplorationDiscover ways to fill in the gaps when teaching this era.
CARE Community AgreementsHaving collaboratively created agreements that are applied fairly allows participants to engage fully in discussions.
CARE Dialogue GuideAntiracist educators understand that engaging in and teaching dialogue requires preparation.

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