Close-up of aboriginal students and their tutor sitting outdoors in Australia. One of the female students is looking at the camera and smiling.


Creating a better future begins with the care we have for our children, ourselves, and our shared communities. As an educator, you can lead the way.

Become a CARE Educator

What and how children learn matters. CARE helps educators build their skills and make better curriculum choices. Use our CARE Choice Tool build confidence in your ability to analyze your teaching resources and choose those that support antiracism. It’s free for individuals.

We have something for you — no matter where you are on your antiracist journey

Sharpen your antiracist lens by analyzing the materials you’re already using — or thinking of using — with students.

  • Learn the questions to ask
  • Get recommendations
  • Your dashboard tracks favorites, reviews, and collections
CARE educators on a webinar

Learn 2 CARE Pilot

We are seeking participants to join us for our Summer or Fall pilot to help test and refine the Learn 2 CARE program.

  • The Learn 2 CARE Program provides two complementary paths that enable both teachers and administrators to work toward the common goals of creating and sustaining antiracist learning environments.
CARE Framework is a useful tool for CARE Educators


A roadmap for professional learning, the Framework identifies and describes the specific practices antiracist educators need.

  • Aligned to CARE Principles
  • Multiple entry points
  • Specific and practical
  • Developed by educators
  • Research-based

CARE charts a course for better curriculum and instruction by emphasizing the skills educators like you need to make change in your classroom and school.

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