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Become a CARE District or a CARE School

CARE works with district and school leaders across the nation, helping to build their skills in the classroom and increase their leadership capacity, while developing their understanding of antiracist education. Contact us and find out about becoming a CARE District or CARE School.

CARE Fall Pilot Overview

Learn 2 CARE Pilot Program

CARE has developed a professional learning program to help schools and districts create inclusive and just classrooms where curriculum and instruction are guided by antiracist principles. We are now seeking participants to join us for our Summer or Fall pilot to help test and refine the Learn 2 CARE Program.

Find the CARE package for your District or School

Curriculum Assessment Learn 2 CARELeadership Experience
Who it’s for
  • Curriculum and instructional coaches
  • School leaders
  • Department chairs
  • Cohorts of classroom teachers
  • Cohorts of classroom teachers
  • Coordinators, coaches, and specialists
  • Others engaged with students
  • Curriculum and instructional coaches
  • School leaders
  • Department chairs
  • Others who mentor and guide educators
OverviewIncludes access to CARE platform for all educators within a school building to assess their teaching resources along with school and district-level dashboards to track progress and results. Includes access to the CARE library of short, self-paced, asynchronous courses. Courses allow for practice, reflection, and feedback.Includes synchronous courses that culminate in a unique and transformative learning simulation.
Courses & Tools
  • CARE Review Tool
  • On-demand webinars
  • Access to CARE platform for every educator
  • School-level and individual dashboards
  • Foundations Path
  • Course 1:Foundations of Antiracist Education
  • Course 2: Widening your Lens: Antiracist Choices
  • Course 3: Applying Antiracist Education to Your Practice
  • Leadership Path
  • Kickoff Session: An Introduction to Learn 2 CARE Leadership
  • Foundations of Antiracist Education
  • Widening your Lens: Antiracist Choices
  • Widening your Lens: Antiracist Choices
  • Contact Katrice Quitter for pricing and information.