Students and teachers in a group

What does it mean to be a CARE School/District?

CARE offers compelling and innovative professional learning for district and school leaders across the nation, helping to build their skills in the classroom and increase their leadership capacity, while developing their understanding of antiracist education.

Currently we are seeking a select group of districts, independent and charter schools to participate in our fall pilot. We’re looking for places where educators are committed to growing their knowledge, understanding, and skills around antiracist curriculum and instruction.

CARE Fall Pilot Overview

Join the Learn 2 CARE Pilot

Our professional learning program provides a mix of synchronous and self-paced courses as well as real-life simulations to support educators in creating inclusive and just classrooms where curriculum and instruction are guided by antiracist principles. We are now seeking districts to join us for our Fall pilot to help test and refine the Learn 2 CARE Program.