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As an educator, you make choices about all the time, especially when it comes to the teaching resources you use with students. CARE Choice helps you make better choices.

CARE Choice is built around the CARE Review Tool

CARE Choice is built around our CARE Choice Tool and offers you a way to thoughtfully make better choices about your daily curriculum. As you add resources to our library, conduct reviews, and share collections, you’ll be contributing to a growing body of teacher-built knowledge and helping others make better choices too.

The tool is free for individuals — just sign up to get started.

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Free Resources to Help Make CARE Choices

You have more choices to participate and become an antiracist educator right here. Use our tools alone or with others.

History tools help ensure your social studies curriculum is accurate, inclusive, and features diverse experiences. Conversation guides provide questions and prompts for educators to advance together on their antiracist journey. All downloadable.

CARE Choice is seen in the expertise in our CARE Blogs


Read about the myriad ways to embed the CARE Principles into educator practice. Short takes, and always engaging.

Care Choice means free webinars


Learn with far-flung peers and from experts as they explore what it means to be an antiracist educator.