CARE Choice

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What is CARE Choice?

CARE Choice encompasses the CARE Choice Tool, the CARE Library and the CARE Choice Rubric, creating an environment where you can analyze, learn, practice, and build your skills to become better at what you do.

Learn and practice with 3-easy steps:

  • CARE Choice Tool– Analyze teaching resources based on CARE’s Antiracist Principles to determine if they are sending the intended messages to students.
  • CARE Library– Explore the library find new resources to practice and sharpen your analytical skills.
  • CARE Choice Rubric-Dive deeper. The rubric contains more thought provoking questions allowing educators to think deeper. The CARE Choice Rubric is a great resource for educators to collaborate with each other and share their findings.

CARE Choice is free for individuals — just sign up, create an account and get started. Already have an account? Log in!

Search the CARE Library

Enter your search terms and click the search button to browse the CARE Library.

Start thinking about curriculum in a new way

Completing your first review with the CARE Tool takes 10 minutes.

The more resources you analyze the better you’ll become at recognizing the strengths and gaps in your materials and curriculum. The CARE Choice Tool is for educators and leaders at every level.

The CARE Library

CARE Library

The CARE Library is a place where you can find new resources to practice and sharpen your antiracist lens. Explore the CARE Library to identify resources, that you can analyze with the CARE Choice Tool and CARE Choice Rubric.

About the CARE Choice Rubric

The CARE Choice Rubric, developed and tested by CARE staff, expert consultants, and a working group of classroom teachers, looks closely at how well a teaching resource aligns to the CARE Principles.

Download a blank rubric.
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Care Choice means free webinars


Learn with far-flung peers and from experts as they explore what it means to be an antiracist educator.