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What is CARE?

CARE is a set of tools to help educators see what antiracist teaching looks like, hone their own practice, and analyze classroom resources.

While most educators want to address race and racism in schools and classrooms, they lack the necessary tools and skills.

Our tools are created to advance antiracist curriculum and equip antiracist educators.


Most educators want to address racism in schools and classrooms but lack the tools and resources to do it well. CARE’s tools can lead us all to a better future.

See more clearly
Sharpen your antiracist lens and learn to quickly analyze teaching resources and curriculum.

Dynamic and engaging
For many educators, the hardest part about confronting racism is talking about it. Our tools and resources allow you to practice this essential high-stakes skill.

Many educators aspire to be antiracist in their practice but find conflicting guidance and little clarity about how to do it.

Please read an important announcement about CARE’s future.

Affirm the dignity and humanity of all people.
historical truths.
Develop a critical consciousness.
Recognize race and confront racism.
just systems.