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What is CARE?

We’re a team of educational professionals and former teachers who create tools to identify antiracist curriculum and provide professional learning to build antiracist expertise.

Is your teaching resource antiracist?

What are CARE’s Principles?

CARE Fall Pilot Overview

Learn 2 CARE Pilot Program

We are seeking districts to apply to our Fall Pilot.

CARE has developed a professional learning program to help schools create inclusive and just classrooms where curriculum and instruction are guided by antiracist principles. We are now seeking districts to join us for our Fall pilot to help test and refine the Learn 2 CARE Program.

Critically and quickly analyze your teaching resources.

Build a foundation and develop real skills.

Join a community to find and amplify antiracist resources.

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Webinars on-demand

Dive deep with CARE Webinars, your opportunity to learn from CARE staff, experts and educators as they explore topics central to the CARE Principles


  • Learn what to look for in teaching resources
  • Become a champion for antiracist curriculum
  • Move ahead on your antiracist journey
  • Practice difficult conversations about race
  • See ratings and reviews from other educators
  • Build and share collections


  • Build a shared vision for curriculum
  • Better serve students in your district
  • Equip antiracist leaders and coaches
  • Establish a common language
  • Ongoing access to webinars and resources
  • Identify easy to implement solutions


Most educators want to address racism in schools and classrooms but lack the tools and resources to do it well. CARE has tools that can lead us all to a better future.

See more clearly
Sharpen your antiracist lens and learn to quickly and analyze teaching resources and curriculum. Use the CARE Library to find high quality teaching resources, and support your antiracist vision.

Learn 2 CARE
Opportunities for entire districts to create a shared vision by establishing common language, skills and behavior.

Dynamic and engaging
For many educators, the hardest part about confronting racism is talking about it. Our professional learning allows you to practice this essential high-stakes skill.

Develop leaders
CARE’s professional development moves educators along in their antiracist journey. Allowing districts to develop leaders and build future capacity.

Many educators aspire to be antiracist in their practice but find conflicting guidance and little clarity about how to do it.

Affirm the dignity and humanity of all people.
historical truths.
Develop a critical consciousness.
Recognize race and confront racism.
just systems.

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